Dear Parents / Guardians,

‘’The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows’’.

By Sydney J. Harris

On behalf of our school, my team of facilitators and staff, I welcome you as active participants in the activities of the school aimed at the overall development of your child.

We have made a sincere effort in designing the school day in such a way that it helps your child take responsibility of their own development, while reminding you about the collaborative role they expect you to play in the efforts being made towards their overall development.

Our school provides a harmonious and stimulating learning environment which inspires each student to bring out their best.

We at ‘The Kalyani School’, strive to imbibe individuality, sincerity, dignity, equality, empathy, morals and values which make our students better humans and prepare them for life.

Let us join hands and work together to provide our children a strong foundation to help them build successful and happier lives while inspiring all to strive for excellence and emerge as responsible citizens.

Mrs. Nirmal Waddan