The Kalyani School Buildings will be built in 4 phases.

A Central Courtyard 0f 22,000 sq. ft.

A Children’s delight area representing the life space of the school and providing ample space for assembly, sports and for children to explore, learn and mingle.

SMART Classes

Our classrooms are unshackled learning spaces with flexible seating arrangement and audio-video facilities for effective learning. A class size of around 30 students increasing the student-teacher interaction and attention span.

Library / Information Centre

To carry forward academic excellence the school provides well stocked library to its students. The Library set-up consists of two libraries – The Junior Library and the Senior Library. The Junior Library is mainly meant for students upto grade V and the Senior Library for students from Grade VI onward. The libraries have carefully chosen age appropriate books targeted towards fun and learning, along with traditional reading the school offers an e-books section encouraging the love for reading from a very young age. Apart from educational books the students have access to a variety of fiction and informative books to read, learn and have fun from.

Activity Rooms

Activity Rooms to foster creativity and expand artistic qualities of our students, the school will provide studios for Art and Craft, Dance, Music and Theatre for ample practice.

Labs & Workshops

Where theory lessons and practical experiments will be conducted in the science laboratory to help students understand practical applications.

Learning Terraces

We understand that learning within the four walls can be very boring and monotonous at times so, we would provide our students with open learning terraces where they would not only have curriculum based studies in the open, but it would also be a platform to facilitate learning through various educational and recreational activities to develop their interactive skills and overall personality.

A huge Multi-Purpose Hall spread in 12,000 sq. ft. with 1500 seating capacity where students have access to indoor educational and recreational activities and indoor Sports like Yoga, Basket Ball, Self-defense activities etc. The hall also provides a huge platform for various culture events, seminars and ceremonies in the school which would help students aspire for their dreams.

Another striking feature in the school is its Amphitheater where most of the functions and school events will take place.

An unparalleled 3.5 acre Sports complex

An unparalleled 3.5 acre Sports complex permitting most outdoor sports activities like Football, Cricket and Indoor Sports like Basket Ball, Badminton, Table Tennis, etc.

Arts & Craft Room

Infrastructure includes Music Room, Dance Room, Clay Room, and Art Gallery etc. with well trained and experienced faculty to polish the skills and guide them through to the path of success.


In-house canteen and Social area for kids with freshly prepared eatables, an area where kids will bind and jell with their peers, juniors and seniors. This is where the kids will learn networking skills from a young age.

Audio Video Facilities

It is said that a picture is better than a thousand words and therefore audio video facilities are very important in a child’s process of grasping knowledge. Audio Video facilities will be available in classrooms as well as special rooms for the purpose.

Play area for kids

There is a time for everything in life and your child should grow with fond memories rather than a burden of studies. An excellent play area for the primary classes will make it difficult for you the parents to take them home, and they will be waiting to come to school the next day.

Medical Infirmary

First – Aid and Medical care is available to the students whenever required. The stock of most needed medicines and First- Aid materials are replenished in advance. Thus the students and staff members are provided prompt medical help whenever required. An attendant is attached to it exclusively. Besides, the Medical Officer of the school, a Health Committee member is always there to attend the students.


Safety of your child is of paramount importance and for many of you parents it would be an important factor in selecting the school for your child.

Some of the steps we are taking for the safety are: CCTV cameras – the total school premises will be monitored by CCTV’s and a central security room will keep an eye on the happening, especially when the student numbers in the premises are small when the risk is higher.

  • Refer check of the staff.
  • As much female support staff as possible.
  • Attendance system which will phone the parents if their child has not reported to school.
  • Biometric attendance system, slip-proof tiles
  • Teacher’s staff room spread through the school allowing the teacher to keep an eye on the student.
  • Primary school children to be picked-up only by the Kalyani School ID Card holder.
  • Proposed cameras in school buses and lady attendants. (Attendant)
  • School buses will drop and pick up kids within the secured area.