Parents’ Orientation Programme held at The Kalyani School

The Kalyani School in Manjiri Budruk , near Hadapsar, Pune is a proposed CBSE school which has been started by ‘The Kalyani Group’. On Saturday, the 4th of April, The founder parents of ‘The Kalyani School ’were officially invited to the campus.

It was an occasion, when they were oriented about the vision and mission of the Team of ‘The Kalyani School’, by the Director, Mrs. Deeksha Kalyani, Principal, Mrs. Nirmal Waddan and Academic Coordinator, Mrs. Divya Puri. The entire academic staff was also introduced, so that the parents could become familiar with the Facilitators, who will contribute to their child’s all round development.

The occasion was graced by the presence of Mr. Baba Kalyani, the Chairman of ’The Kalyani Group’ and Mr. Amit Kalyani, the Executive Director, Kalyani Group.

Parents were oriented about the vision and mission of The Kalyani School

Parents were oriented about the vision and mission of The Kalyani School

Mr. Baba Kalyani - Planted Tree at The Kalyani School

Mr. Baba Kalyani – Planted Tree at The Kalyani School

After the orientation programme, the parents visited the homeroom of their children, and interacted with the homeroom teachers. The highlight of the day was a very innovative activity, in which both parents and teachers participated. Each one was given a leaf, prepared by the Art Teacher, Mr. Kiran Dahiphale. On it they wrote why they had trusted us and joined The Kalyani School. The leaves were then pasted on The Tree of Trust, created at the entrance of the School. This tree is expected to grow every day, with more and more leaves and branches of trust added to it by the parents. Each family was also gifted with a sapling with their name tag to be planted on the school ground, which will become a lush and green plantation one day, a gift from The Kalyani School, to Mother Nature. Mr. Baba Kalyani planted a Plumeria tree right at the entrance of the school.

The parents were very impressed with what they saw and felt. They were duly assured that the School and the Staff were very able and dedicated in their vocation. The parents’ feedback expressed that they were sure that the School will provide the children with every emotional and academic support they deserve.

The day turned out to be a success, when happy and satisfied parents reinstated their trust in The Kalyani Group.

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