Namaste Ma’am,

We are blessed to have our two children enrolled at TKS. 

Our kids has been attending TKS since Junior KG and after 7 years, we are so proud of them. It would not have been possible without the dedication and support from the teachers at TKS. It is a complete school which focuses on value education, sports, games, meditation, yoga, art/craft, music and computers. 
My kids are good at sports, because of TKS effective support. The Kalyani School fosters amazing kindness in it’s students. I have been to all of my kids karate games and I am truly amazed by the sportsmanship and care that the students show when another players gets hurt. In this day and age where kindness and humbleness seems to not exist, it is so nice to know that my kids are part of such an amazing community. 
The Kalyani School is a great place, where students are imparted excellent academic and extracurricular activities. All students are treated equally and with respect. There is a positive energy flowing from the teachers and the office staff. All class and extra-curricular activities are conducted exceptionally well. The portions are covered at such a pace that, the students don’t feel burdened.
“The Annual function & Mad about series were really awesome. Don’t have words to describe the uniqueness of these programs.
The school truly embraces the entire child; academically, socially and spiritually. My kids has been so lucky to have such a supportive environment, we highly recommend TKS.
Thank you,
Parent of Arnav & Aaradhya Pote
“Well begun is half done “ 
I am associated with the school since 2016 and It has been a fulfilling experience to see my kids evolve and getting ready to chart their life with a right balance of education, sports and extracurricular activities exposure. 
Over these years the school has tremendously grown to gain a strong position in the educational world and its been only possible due to the tireless efforts from teachers, the exemplary leadership team of the school and the amazing opportunities that the school
provides to its students to develop 
one’s  area of interest.
Thank you TKS team for making school a happy second home for my kids!
-Sonali Singhi, Mother of Aryan Godani,8A and Nikita Godani, 8B
Namaste mam,
I am writing this testimony as a proud parent of my son who has been studying at The Kalyani School for the past seven years. During this time, we have had an amazing experience with the school, and we are grateful for the quality education and nurturing environment that our child has received.
Our son has flourished academically, socially, and emotionally, thanks to the dedicated and compassionate staff at Kalyani School. The teachers have gone above and beyond to ensure that our child receives the best education possible, and we have seen the positive results of their efforts in our son’s excellent grades and academic achievements.
The school’s commitment to providing a safe and inclusive environment has also impressed us. Our son has made lifelong friends and learned valuable life skills that will serve him well in the future. We have also appreciated the school’s emphasis on character development and community service, which has helped our child grow into a responsible and caring individual.
In summary, our family has had an excellent experience with Kalyani School, and we highly recommend it to any parent seeking a quality education for their child. We are proud of our son’s accomplishments and grateful for the school’s contribution to his success.
Monali & Kapil Somani 
My daughter, Vidushi Chouksey, joined TKS in 2018 as a student of grade 6 when we shifted to Pune
from Delhi. Relocating to a new city always comes with its own set of challenges, hence we wanted
to enrol our daughter in a school which would not just provide excellent academic support but also
help in the overall development of her personality. Needless to say, The Kalyani School was the only
CBSE board school in Pune which suited our requirement.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that their infra-structure is unparalleled in Pune. When I look
back at our journey of the last five years with TKS, I can proudly say that we made the right choice
for our daughter. The school management and the staff are extremely supportive and even go out of
their way to help the new students adjust to their surroundings. They always make sure that all
students get personal attention and equal opportunity to hone their skills in various fields like music,
dance, drama, oration, sports etc. In fact, they have state-of-the-art facilities for all extra-curricular
activities, be it Music, Indian / Western Dance and Drama. All the teachers are immensely loving,
caring and empathetic towards the children. They put in consistent efforts throughout the year to
cater to the individual needs of all students. Also, the school has a great Counselling department,
which consists of some absolutely wonderful counsellors and special educators who are ever ready
to provide the much -needed emotional and psychological support that kids need at different stages
in their lives. I must admit that TKS did a fabulous job during COVID times too by keeping their
students fruitfully engaged in various co-curricular activities. The way the school management and
staff managed online teaching is truly commendable.
Most importantly, TKS offers a wide range of subjects to its students of grade 11&12, irrespective of
their chosen stream, which is a great blessing for all students in today’s time as it gives them the
freedom to study and explore the subjects of their choice. My daughter is currently in 11 th grade and
is indeed lucky to have great mentors who are constantly there to guide and support her with
college admissions and internships. Since TKS focuses on the holistic development of a child’s
personality, they are always open to innovative ideas and suggestions from both parents and
students. What makes TKS truly unique is that it is one of the few schools of India which still gives a
lot of importance to value-based education over pure academics.
A true Kalyanite possesses the confidence and skills required to face the challenges of the real world.
I am hugely indebted to the school management and the staff for their unconditional and invaluable
support to my daughter throughout the last five years and looking forward to the same in the next
two years as well.
Shweta Chouksey 


          Namaste Madam,Please use the below as testimonial from my side. I am father of Yuvraj Kavrani (Grade VIII-B) and Geetisha Kavrani (Grade I-A).“I am truly excited to share that The Kalyani School has turned out to be a great choice for our children. My elder one, Yuvraj has been with school for last 8 years and has benefitted immensely from the excellent guidance and mentorship provides by teachers. He is excelling not only academically but also in sports and extra-curricular activities. My younger one, Geetisha has found a great support structure in the classmates and teachers after coming out of pandemic and having to venture in the world on her own. The student cohort and the infrastructure my children are getting in The Kalyani School is unparalleled. Both of them are proud Kalyaniites now.”Regards,Vijay


Although our journey with TKS is just a year old,  we have seen a very positive development in our son within this short time.We are very thankful to the school for giving a nurturing environment of opportunities to the children which ensures maximum growth for them. They become confident and bright individuals who are ready to shine. We wish the school all the best! May it continue to make great contributions in children’s life and the society.

Gaurav Sikka

Father, Garvit Sikka, 7D


‘Our children have learnt so much in the last year. It’s been a good session, with a bag full of memories. A big thank you to all the teachers and the entire team of ‘The Kalyani School’. Looking forward to a roller coaster of memories in the year to follow.’

Nafisa and Hashim Khanyari, Parent of Aman, Grade V & Aisha, Grade III. 

‘I would like to give feedback for my son Armaan Sikchi’s 5th Grade Home room facilitator, Manisha Seth ma’am. She was also his Maths and Science teacher. It was really a blessing to have her as a teacher for my son. She was a superb guide and mentor. Really appreciate her patience, guidance and support throughout the year. She always solved all our queries and difficulties with patience and ease. She has a great knowledge of the subject she teaches. She is a gem of a teacher in The Kalyani School. Thankful and grateful to her for the development in my child and the way she motivated him.’

Neha Sikchi, Mother of Armaan Sikchi, Grade V.


‘Every time I step into the school, I can feel there is a sense of purpose – be it school management, teachers, support staff. One of the most committed schools I have come across in Pune, with a sense to excel in every aspect, to prepare leaders for tomorrow.’

Kapil Godani, Father of Aryan, Nikita and Ishita, Grade III and IX

‘We have been very happy with the high standards of schooling, conduct and infrastructure that The Kalyani School has upheld consistently.’

Ranadhir Nag, Father of Nayonika, Grade VII.

‘While we do see so many complaints from so many parents on so many issues, we wanted to just acknowledge the tremendous work that has been put in by the staff in all the events we have attended these two years. The form mornings of both our children were out of the world to say the least. Extremely professionally conducted and excellent performances by all the children. The sports day was yet another awesome event organized very very well. The Mad About Heritage and Health and Wellness events were also unique to TKS and were fantastic events. The facilities in the school are excellent and are only improving every time we visit. The teachers our children have had so far, have all been excellent and our interactions with them are always very pleasant. Our children enjoy school and are indeed learning whatever they should be learning at their age. We as parents are very happy with the school overall and are sure TKS will only grow in reputation year on year. A heartfelt thank you for taking good care of our kids. And cheers to the good work!’

Santosh.S, Father of Siya Grade III & Swara Sr.KG.

‘On behalf of the parents of Jr. KG C section , I would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the staff members especially Rupali Ma’am and Anita Ma’am who put in so much efforts for the special assembly of Jr. Kg. C section. It was a really amazing experience to witness our little ones performing on the stage with so much of confidence. Please convey our regards and thanks to both the teachers for all the efforts and love they are giving to our kids.” A proud parent of Kalyani Student.’

Neeta Ramsinghani, Mother of Aarav, Jr.KG.


‘A very Happy New Year to you and your teachers. The MATW event was an incredible success. I enjoyed visiting all the ‘countries’ and listening to the children explain all their efforts. There were a lot of innovative ideas all around and it was an impressive show. The teachers did a fantastic job of supporting and guiding the students. There was so much attention to detail and all the research that went in was very good. Thank you, Ma’am, for providing such a wonderful opportunity for children to work together and learn and do things beyond the curriculum. Looking forward to the next ‘Mad About’ series event. I also wanted to wish you great success for the upcoming boards. I am sure our current 10th will do very well considering all the talented and hardworking teachers they have to guide them. Some onus also lies on the parents and students themselves. All the best! ‘

Priyanka Thaker, Mother of Sidharth Roy, IX A

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