Community Service of the Kalyaniites



230 plus staff and students of ‘The Kalyani School’ became the flag bearers of the Swachh cause in the city. Student volunteers of Grades VI, VIII, and VIII along with the staff, led by Director Deeksha Ma’am, sprang into action to remove trash from the river bank of Mulaon 13th of December 2018.  They cleaned a section of the river bank by collecting an assortment of plastic, Styrofoam chunks, footwear, coconuts, balls, bottles, thermocol, containers, and children’s playhouse furniture, toys, and dolls.  The volunteers were engaged in the task with all vigor and enthusiasm in forming a human chain, working in pairs or groups, to clean the allotted area. This unique gesture extended by the school helped retrieve tons of trash from the site. Adar Poonawalla Clean City and PMC Pune had come forward to match the energy of the young ones. It was a heartwarming experience to see the young ones throwing every bit of their strength for into cause. The volunteers rated the programme highly and hoped that it would be held again, in the near future.

The Cleaning drive was a huge success as everyone engaged, showed a positive spirit by actively participating in this environmental cause.


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