Digital India for Atma Nirbhar Bharat: Opportunities on COVID-19 and Beyond

By - Diyaa Singh

Atmanirbhar Bharat, Mr. Narendra Modi’s vision to create a self-reliant and overcoming nation has been widely looked upon and given inspiration to many. 

Technology is shaping our lives in so many ways today, that it is almost impossible to imagine life without it. From the earliest use of elementary tools to today’s high-tech machinery, modern technology’s fast expansion is breathtaking. 

Our country has countlessly demonstrated how it rises to challenges and uncovers opportunities; as exhibited in the repurposing of automobile industries to collaborate in the making of life-saving ventilators​. But as we are aware, the modern era is the era of the digital revolution. If India is to truly achieve self – independence in every field, it must start in the sector of manufacturing digital equipment and software that runs them. 

Lockdown has disrupted daily life and reduced social interaction. This is leading millions of people to meet and connect online instead. Families and friends are now catching up and socializing virtually. Educators ,fitness clubs, etc. are conducting classes online. Even organizations are recruiting new employees through digital meeting platforms. 

For people across the world, it has been a life-changing period which we have slowly adapted to and are trying to take full advantage of. 

As we students aren’t able to go to school, we have found that technology has helped us to not just learn but also to create and expand our knowledge in every field starting from creating apps using coding to entertainment shows. 

I feel that the very idea of Digital India for Atma Nirbhar Bharat should be to start teaching children the importance of Digital India as being knowledgeable about modern technology is a mandate in this time and can surely help India achieve its place in being one of the world’s most advanced countries in the field of technology. ‘Gen-Z’, as we are sometimes called, have grown up with the concept of the internet, taught how to use laptops efficiently and increase our overall knowledge regarding the electronic highway in this lockdown, but we are consistently mocked for it. Imagine, the same ‘Gen-Z’ might end up making India proud. 

In a global pandemic like the COVID-19 technological tools are vital weapons for effectively monitoring and controlling disease outbreaks. Some mobile apps having tracking capabilities are being used by authorities to prevent the spread of the disease. 

Technology has been a turning point during this crisis. People globally have put this lockdown period to positive use, despite not being able to go outside. They have used creativity in ways beyond imagination, and we want India to go the same way. And as a whole, I am sure that if we proactively involve ourselves in learning how to be self-independent with the means of technology, we can surely achieve the goal set by our prime minister and become the role model for the whole world to look upon.

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