First Batch Grade X (CBSE) Results

   “I don’t think that I can pen down a success mantra for my results. I can only extend my gratitude to my teachers, who always pushed me to do well and to my parents who always had faith in me. Board exams are a big deal for most of us, and I ended up getting jittery and anxious for them too. There were moments of self-doubt, but in the end, I knew that all my hard work would eventually pay off. I never joined any tuition or coaching, because I felt that nothing beats the good old practice of self-study. If I could give a small recipe to ace these exams, I’d say it should be hard work, regular practice and perseverance mixed with a lot of self-confidence and patience. Mock tests and solving old papers are the best way to be prepared for the final day. Some Valuable advice that my teachers gave me was to follow NCERT books to the letter and not use reference books. I have so much to thank them for, I wouldn’t have done well without them. In the end I feel that an individual’s perseverance is the reason for their success. Instead of just mugging up details, I always paid attention to conceptual understanding in each subject, especially Math and Science. Regular practice every day, instead of coffee-fuelled midnight sessions before the exams did help me out immensely.”           


“I feel that getting good marks is not at all difficult if one is regular and completely determined to achieve the goal that one has set. I did not let any distractions come in my way. I had it in me since the day I joined the school to make it proud one day. I also feel that good eating habits and being hydrated helps. I ensured that a part of my day was devoted to some sort of sport to stay fresh. The teachers also co-operated with me and are an important part of my success”.


   “Firstly I would like to thank all the respected teachers without whose guidance and dedicated efforts, it would not have been possible for me to succeed. I would like to attribute my success to the following: 1) Consistency- I used to put in 9-10 hours of preparation every day 2) Structured manner of study- prepared a timetable for study and stuck to it diligently 3) Hard work- At the end of the day, nothing beats hard work”.         



I, Nandini Khare of Grade 10, scored 96.4 %. I would like to thank the Principal, Mrs. Nirmal Waddan and Coordinator, Mrs. Abira Mishra for guiding me through this journey. All my teachers have given me a deep sense of self-belief and confidence. My parents and my teachers have been my pillars of strength. I have not taken a single tuition class and this has taught me that anything can be achieved through perseverance and discipline.




I was beyond thrilled to know that I scored 95% in my boards. There was not really a success mantra that I followed but what I did was to give my best, irrespective of anything. It wasn’t the marks that motivated me, it was the need to give in my 100%. I worked towards my plan & put in real effort towards the end. My family, friends and school played an integral part in my success. I would like to thank all.



The main credit for these scores goes to my teachers and my parents for always motivating me and for helping me throughout the journey of the 10th standard. My success mantra was that I paid attention to whatever was being taught in the class and made sure that I revised it the same day itself. I always asked a lot clarifications of my doubts and made sure I grasped all the concepts thoroughly. During the time of exams I made sure I had a good sleep of 8 hours and never overburdened myself. In the end, the marks were a result of sheer practice because of which I never lost momentum in my studies and was focused till the last exam. A special thanks to Abira ma’am for guiding me throughout this grade and helping me achieve these scores.




 At the onset, please allow me to first thank you, Abira ma’am, Soma ma’am, Rachna ma’am, Anuradha ma’am, Vidya ma’am, Priyanka ma’am, Sheetal ma’am, Nisha ma’am and all the Didi’s and Bhaiyya’s for your unrelenting support over the last year. My success would not have been possible without you! Therefore, when Abira ma’am asked for a short note on my success mantra, it was easy to put together. So, here goes: The constant support, motivation and genuine concern for my success by all of you was my first secret of success. The regular supply of probable question banks and the advice on solving them diligently was the second secret of my success. The reassurance from the school that academic achievements only mean ‘something’ in life and not ‘everything’ ensured that I was not under too much of pressure and was another secret of my success. It would be unfair if I missed out the support and prayers of my family which also was another key component of my success. Thank you once again and proud to be a Kalyaniite! Special thanks to Deeksha Ma’am too! 












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