By - Reshma Meka, 6th Grade

Lockdown is a scary time, especially for me,
We have to stay at home and do nothing but agree.
I’m so bored, the school has started classes,
Because we switched on our videos, many of my friends now have glasses!

Lockdown!  Lockdown! close your doors,
Run under the desk and wait, if anyone knocks.
Shut off your lights and talk no more to others.
Till it is safe inside and outside.

Don’t go out! Don’t touch anything!
Always wear a mask and maintain social distancing.
What can I do? Oh, what can I do? I kept thinking,
There was no answer to it.
So bored I am, since I can’t even sit in the balcony,
What more can I do, I keep thinking.

When will lockdown be over and done with?
So that we will go out and have some fun!!

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