Parent Activities

At The Kalyani School, we have a very strong partnership with our Parent community. We believe in the synergy of a three-way partnership between the school, parents, and students. By working together, we are able to get the best outcomes for our students.

We hold regular workshops for our Parents, on varied topics such as, Parenting Adolescents, Teaching Phonetics, Making Science Enjoyable etc. These workshops make parents aware of the teaching methodologies used in the school so that there is consistency for the students. We also hold an annual event called the Mad About series every year in December. This is a mega-event, of which the parents are an integral part. They get completely involved in helping the students and teachers to put up a fantastic exhibition. It is a collaborative partnership which bears brilliant results.

We are very glad to have the support and cooperation of our parent community and hope that this partnership continues to grow from strength to strength.


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