28th December 2020

The Power That All You Have – NOW

- Soumya Sri Vidhya, 11th Grade

What is it that often dominates our mind?  What creates unrest in our mind? What does not allow us to make focused effort? What impacts the efficiency and abilities in reaching the desired goal? (more…)

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28th December 2020

Blue Skies, Clean Air

- Tanushree Sonaje, 9th Grade

We saw the roads once filled with black smoke, The sky would always be wearing a dark and dusty cloak. What had happened then nobody could tell, The place had been not less than hell.…

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14th December 2020

Missing the Old Days

- Joanne Jenoy, 9th Grade

It came to my mind, when I thought about yesterday’s party, What fun it was, to hang out with friends and family,   Who lived afar, but had come to meet us.  (more…)

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9th December 2020

The Changing World Today

- Iraaj G, 10th Grade

This world has felt a tremendous impact by COVID 19 on globalization. I feel the lock down and the outbreak of this disease has completely changed the perspective we have towards life.  (more…)

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