The Changing World Today

By - Iraaj G, 10th Grade

This world has felt a tremendous impact by COVID 19 on globalization. I feel the lock down and the outbreak of this disease has completely changed the perspective we have towards life. 

When the outbreak of COVID 19 happened in the end of March, it led to the falling of economies worldwide. Countries throughout the world imposed lockdown and started quarantine measures. The businessmen with startups and other small-scale businesses have faced a harsh fate. Millions of people worldwide have lost jobs.

Also, new ideas started coming up in the minds of political representatives in different countries. One such idea is the idea of self-dependence of a nation. This has already led to a decrease in the usage and demand of Chinese products thus decreasing the flow of them in the market.The world realized the importance of China as a producer of goods and found it tough to change their supplier of goods. Like in India, PM Modi has started large-scale production of ‘Made In India’ products.

People, by staying at home have started finding innovative ways to spend time. Families with stable jobs worldwide have come to know the importance of family time and have switched to new ways of keeping fit such as Yoga. On the other hand, migrant workers have received a big blow and are left with nowhere to work and go.

When the spread of COVID starts slowing down and we can go out to restaurants and malls, we may not see the daily paan wallas, vada pav wallas, and other street vendors due to the difficulty they are facing during this time. They have been seriously hit with poverty with the current situation. People who could not cook simple food before, have now started making fine dishes at home. This has forever reduced the dependence of people on restaurants in the future. Also since housemaids can no more come and clean houses, the market for Robo Cleaners has increased tenfold. This shows how drastically the world is changing everyday.

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