The Life of a Farmer

By - Siya Dhangar, 6th Grade

The sunshine finally falls again,
‘Today there’s a new task’ say some men.
Let’s take our bulls and start to plough,
And make our crops grow and grow!

Push and push through this hard soil,
It’s ok if our skin starts to boil,
We need to make some path and way,
Where our little seeds can sit and grow.

Now it’s time to cover up the seeds,
Humans, have some patience for your needs!
Our work will definitely succeed,
But now it’s time for our cattle to feed!

The rain has come to awaken our plants,
And maybe this is the only chance.
Look! Did a sapling just grow?
And the wind also has started to blow.

Baa Baa black sheep, with your lovely wool,
And you too, Mr. Angry bull,
I’ll give you all the food to make you full.
Oh wait! The winter has passed, now I need to tend to my tool.

I’ll take out the weeds and take care of the seeds,
My crops have harvested, I can finally see,
And it’s time for them to be sold.
Oh, I am done… I have fulfilled all your need. 


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