YouTube: The world’s greatest invention

By - Aniruddh Nambudiri, 10th Grade

YouTube is currently one of the most visited sites on the internet and for a good reason. It is a free platform where multiple different communities can have a voice and showcase themselves with no limitations. It is a video sharing platform started on 21st of September 2005 by Jawed Karim to make access and uploading of content much easier than ever before.

The Advantages of YouTube are so many. It is a place where people, who were too scared to share their ideas could do so, and make it accessible to all. YouTube has also created multiple job opportunities in its own community in the form of Editors, Cameramen, Moderators, and so many more. Also due to its far outreach, YouTube has created its own set of amazing Charity events, like Team Trees, which was a plan last year in September to plant 20 Million Trees by that Christmas.

However, there are some disadvantages. Such accessibility has often created toxicity in the community, and it is also a place where internet trolls are now becoming harder to stop. For a long time as well, there were no guidelines on what exactly people could upload, which led to content, which was Racist, Homophobic and Graphic, but now there have been strict guidelines implemented to stop this sort of content.

Despite all this, YouTube has coped well with all issues, and made an honest attempt at making itself an inviting place for all. It has some incredible rags to riches stories, which make the website what it is today. Anyone with an idea can make a video and upload it for the world to see, and for me, this is what makes YouTube the website it is, the greatest invention of all times.

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