Message From The Director


My dream to start a school in Pune bore fruit in April 2015. Having seen my mother create an institution like The Shri Ram Schools in Delhi, I wanted to follow in her footsteps and establish a similar educational institute in Pune. The Kalyani School provides a child-centric and loving atmosphere and I can proudly say that our students truly love coming to school.

During this journey there have been many challenges and many obstacles, but we have learnt from all of them and have come out stronger and better. The credit for the immense success of the school goes to our Principal, Mrs. Waddan and her team of vice-principals, coordinators and teachers, who give their heart and soul to the school on a daily basis. Our staff is very hardworking and passionate and they have given their best to create a safe and joyful environment for our students.

As a school, we strongly believe in investing in our teachers, and hence we do several training workshops throughout the year to help our teachers hone their skills, to upgrade their knowledge and to learn the best teaching practices possible. These workshops not only build stronger teachers, they also refresh their minds and give them a chance to innovate in the classroom.

The Kalyani School provides world-class infrastructure – airy, well-furnished classrooms, multiple activity rooms, fantastic sports facilities, and multi-purpose halls. The students have benefitted from these resources and have shone in many inter-school sports and co-curricular competitions. I am sure that given these opportunities, our students will continue to bring many laurels to our school.

Personally, I am very satisfied with what we have accomplished so far, with all the achievements of our students and teachers. But the journey has just begun, and there is still a long road to travel. I am looking forward to seeing the school grow from strength to strength.

– Mrs. Deeksha Kalyani


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