Student Insights
Kalyanians are in dominating positions across the world in different Careers, Companies and Universities.
Universities Have Made Offers
$ 10500
Value of Total Scholarship
Success Stories
Here are some notable alumni who are out there making their dreams come true and making us proud too!
Global Citizens & Diverse Career Paths
School students are making a mark in different career fields across the globe. We are proud to see how successful they are today!
Top Colleges
We prepare our students for success. Pick a top college and you’ll find a School student studying there.
Your Child Gets These Benefits
A single platform for students to connect with their Alumni of different batches and branches from around the world.
View Alumni Journey

Right from entrance exams taken to colleges applied and admitted to, students can view their alumni journeys. The unique platform enables students to filter by interest and view thousands of alumni profiles.

Watch Real-Time Video Case Studies

Students get access to a large video library with alumni videos on various topics, real-time case studies related to college admissions, application process and more. The video library also has pre-recorded webinars conducted by alumni.

Ask 1-1 Questions To Alumni

There’s no better way to seek guidance from someone who’s been there and done that. Students can reach out to their seniors from across batches and campuses to ask anything and everything about career clarity.

Alumni Mentors
Our students first-hand guidance from those who’ve been there and done that!
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