Posco Committee


A Child Abuse Monitoring Committee (CAMC), consisting of the following members is constituted under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO Act)-2012 for the academic session 2021-22.

Sr no.NameDesignation
1Mrs. Nirmal WaddanPrincipal
2Mrs. Batul LambaVice-Principal (Jr. Section)
3Mrs. Abira MishraVice-Principal (Sr. Section)
4Mr. Vikram DeshmukhLegal Advisor
5Mr. Rajendra JadhavTeacher- Male
6Mrs. Nilofer ShaikhTeacher- Female
7 Ayush NimakStudent- Male
8Ishita Godani Student- Female
9Ms. Sheetal MaddhavMember- Pastoral Care
10Mrs. Dhwani DodejaMember- Pastoral Care
11Mrs. Vanita JagtapMember- Pastoral Care
12Mrs. Rohini ChopraMember- Pastoral Care
13 Ms. Bavitha ThomasMember- Pastoral Care
14Mr. Kunal BhatnagarParent- External Member
15Ms. Amrita KhareParent- External Member
16Mrs. Shilpa Sivaram Member- NGO
17Mr. Deepak SinghNon- Teaching staff
18Mr. Abhishek SrivastavNon- Teaching staff
19Ms. Neesha RodgersCoordinator 1- Special Invitee
20Mrs. Jasleen KhotCoordinator 2- Special Invitee
21Mrs. Savita ParikhCoordinator 3- Special Invitee
22Mrs. Poonam MishraCoordinator 4- Special Invitee
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