Blue Skies, Clean Air

By - Tanushree Sonaje, 9th Grade

We saw the roads once filled with black smoke,
The sky would always be wearing a dark and dusty cloak.

What had happened then nobody could tell,
The place had been not less than hell.

Everyone can now tell me what came through,
Something got done what we humans could also not do.

Everywhere now, can we see lush greenery,
Oh wow! It has made such picturesque scenery.

By getting a breathe of much cleaner air,
We now know that we can actually care.

Of the mother Earth and its blue skies,
Where eternal peace wholly lies.

We welcome each day with bright sunshine,
Hoping and praying that soon everything would be just fine.

All standing together and straight upright,
We will make sure that we win this fight.

Now not only me but everyone can tell,
That all’s soon going to be very well! 

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