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There’s no doubt that higher secondary education is one of the most important phases in a child’s life. This is the time where they need to identify which stream they want to pursue and build a successful career. Hence, along with covering the academic aspects, it’s the responsibility of the school to also motivate and encourage the students to achieve their dreams and encourage them to be strong global citizens by preparing them for the real world. To this end, we have a Career Guidance Cell with trained Career Counsellors who guide our students to make the best choices to give them fulfilment and happiness.

At The Kalyani School, we attempt to nurture a brand-new generation of thinkers who are fearless, creative and well – balanced. To foster core competencies in students, our CBSE curriculum incorporates six significant learning areas, which are:

  • Humanities
  • Commerce
  • Science and Mathematics
  • Languages
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Visual Arts and Performing Arts

These learning fields are integrated in terms of education, abilities, perception, values and beliefs. Keeping the NEP in mind, we allow students to choose subjects from any of these streams. This allows our students to take on out-of-the-box combinations and explore their interests.

Along with covering the curriculum, we also focus on developing interpersonal skills like creative thinking, curiosity, and problem-solving. This ensures that every student who passes out from our school is ready to be part of the workforce or to excel in higher education programs.

What Makes Us the Top Higher Senior Secondary CBSE School in Pune?

We believe that a fine balance of academic precision, proactive application of information technology, inquiry-based education and individualized assistance for our students is the solution to prepare our students for the Senior Secondary CBSE school years.

Our students are prompted to understand and recognize the interconnections of all wisdom and the abiding connection between knowledge and values.

The Kalyani School believes in a holistic method to teaching the curriculum, rather than only focusing on rote-learning and text-book learning. The focus is on fundamental concepts and teachings, problem-solving and discovering innovative solutions.

Our organization of extremely experienced educators, assures that the core strength of every student is sharpened and highlighted, resulting in positive and well-rounded individuals who can set the sails of their future towards professions of their choice.

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We at The Kalyani School have ensured that every little thing that a child could need to succeed, is present on our premises, right from Pre-school to Grade XII. This includes hands-on experience, active classrooms, and a well-trained faculty. Moreover, to help our students keep up with the digital era and ever-evolving world, we also promote the concept of self-learning, encourage adoption of best practices and the use of technology in education. 



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