Sr. Secondary School

  • Academic rigour is continuous and of high- quality.
  • Students are given Small Group Instruction to help them clear their doubts and better understand the concepts taught.  
  • Course completion is done in a timely manner, to give students plenty of time to revise before the Board Exams.
  • All requirements of the CBSE Board are followed and all compliances are met rigourously.
  • Students are taught the skills of working regularly and independently following the highest standards of ethics.
  • Students are given inputs in career guidance to help them make correct choices for their future.
  • Sports are an intrinsic part of a student’s life. Every sport teaches sportsmanship, leadership, respect and teamwork.
  • Our sports staff are highly competent. Students participate in intra-school, inter-school, CBSE cluster and state level competitions.
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