Middle School

  • We are there every step of the way with each child.
  • Students with different learning styles are accommodated.
  • Our students are encouraged to be strong critical thinkers, independent and collaborative learners throughout their lives.
  • Classroom and lab work are strengthened with educational trips.
  • Additionally, students gain the skills they will need for the rest of their academic careers through project methodology learning. Students complete their projects in school by making full use of the wide-ranging library collection.
  • To nudge the creative talents of our students, our wide-ranging performance, art and music studios provide rich opportunities for self-discovery and self-expression.
  • Teachers and parents work together to strike the right balance for each child.
  • Sports are an intrinsic part of a student’s life. Every sport teaches sportsmanship, leadership, respect and teamwork.
  • Our sports staff are highly competent. Students participate in intra-school, inter-school, CBSE cluster and state level competitions.
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