My Fluffy Little Monster

By - Purvi Ravikumar, 8th Grade

Her fur is as soft as cotton,
And her paws are remarkably muddy,
Her teeth are pointed like a needle,
And her barks are quite loud.
She is as hairy as a Gorilla.
All she gives us is love and more love!

Being indoor is one thing she absolutely dislikes,
For her it’s like being put behind bars.
And when she’s out for walks, she bolts behind centipedes and other creepy crawlies!
Being with nature for her is like Paradise.
She’s very smart as she obeys us only when we have treats to give.
The number of mischiefs she has done are too many to mention.

She just doesn’t care about what brands the shoes are,
Be it Hush Puppies or Jimmy Choo… She gnaws on them anyways!

This trouble maker is the perfect thing you would like to cuddle and snuggle with!
And her name is Roxy!!!  

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