The Life of Hunters and Gatherers

By - Siya Dhangar, 6th Grade

About 12,000 years ago,
there was a time when early men spent their lives,
on the very very thin cold ice!
They did fishing and hunting,
and their tools were very blunt.
They lived in caves and rock shelters and on top of trees,
where there lived wild animals too, and dangers.

Later, 8000 years ago,
the ice started melting and,
the grasslands started to develop,
and man evolved.
They grew crops and food,
though their tools were very crude.
What were these tools called? Oh yes, Microliths!

Then,  about 4000 years ago,
The villages developed and people started using animals,
for travelling to places and doing trade,
and the tools were made sharper, just like a blade.
Domestication of animals started and rearing too,
and the spread of the diseases started to reduce.
This time of man was the best of all,
and their backs went up, straight and tall!
They finally could call themselves the best- Yes, ‘The Man’.

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