Top 3 Skills That Every Child Must Learn Before They Leave Home

Top 3 Skills That Every Child Must Learn Before They Leave Home


So your kid has just completed their last year of school. Congratulations! It’s possible that he or she is seeking admission in reputable universities, the majority of which are located in major cities or distant from the person’s hometown. However, before they leave home to pursue their ambitions, it is your duty as a parent to educate them on the significant life skills that you have acquired through the years. This will help them make a smooth transition to a new environment and interact confidently with new people. It is quite simple to get disoriented among a large group of people; yet, with the appropriate frame of mind and a little guidance, even the most disoriented person may find their way!

In this blog, we’ve highlighted three extremely important skills every child must learn before they leave home and enter the real world. 

1. Being Present

This begins with not just being physically there but also mentally present at the moment. The younger generation, which has become more used to scrolling through their screens than taking walks in the park, has a serious responsibility to make sure that they are present in the actual world. Guide them on the significance of maintaining attention on whatever activity they are engaged in. It’s possible that this will be in their new classroom, but it may also be their place of work. Simply being in the here and now, will help them understand the world around them and illuminate the way forward.

2. Becoming Self-Aware

Being self-aware implies that your ideas, feelings, and actions are all in harmony with one another. You might be aware of the proverb, ‘silence is golden.’ This does not imply that your child should never talk; rather, it emphasizes the need to carefully consider what it is that you want to say, before actually uttering those words. 

Comprehend the individuals in your immediate environment. If you were to say anything, would it change anything, or would it only add gasoline to the fire? In addition, you are required to make a statement if you are of the opinion that doing so is necessary. In any other case, you should wait and allow yourself some time to process the information. Your child may become the captain of their own ship if they have the patience to acquire this ability.

3. Being Communicable

In this context, “communicable” refers to the ability to go beyond your comfort zone and develop meaningful connections with the people you study with or work with. The connection with other people is one aspect of life that, in its absence, renders our own existence meaningless. We yearn for relationships that matter to us. When you relocate to a new place, it is crucial to establish new connections, but you should only do so if you believe these new relationships will be beneficial to you. Hence, you should teach your children to be communicable and form deep bonds with their peers to enhance their overall development. 

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While academic excellence is desirable, it cannot be ignored that soft skills like being self-aware, being communicable, and being present are extremely important to excel in university and even in the workplace. These skills cannot be inculcated within a short period of time, as they need to be instilled every day, for several years. This is where The Kalyani School can help. A student-oriented school, we strive to help our students prepare to face the challenges they will face, even after graduating. 

So, if you want to help your child with overall development and give them the best start in life, contact our team to learn how we can help!

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