My school experience

By - Ananya Bhandari, 9TH Grade

I joined The Kalyani school three years ago, back when I was in Grade 7. I had only just moved to Pune and had come to visit it. These three years have been phenomenal.

What first caught me when I came to visit was the abundance of activities offered to the students. We had everything from art, basketball, football, singing, dancing- Western and Indian, yoga, karate- for self-defence, drama and even clay! This plethora of extracurriculars was not given by any other school I had seen. If students do exceptionally well in these activities, we are encouraged to take part in inter-school competitions

Another thing that really stuck with me was the practice of saying ‘Namaste’ to greet everyone. At school, traditional Indian ways are inculcated in students since childhood. These can be as small as saying a 5-minute prayer every morning and thanking God at the end of the day or meditating for at least a few minutes to increase our concentration.

When I first came, all the teachers- new and old, made me feel very welcomed. They were warm and made sure that every child is comfortable and looking forward to coming to school every day. This practice still continues with every teacher that has taught me in three years.

We are also taught to give back to nature and humankind. All students have to do community service and are taken for at least one field trip to a nature reserve. Every child has been taught to be grateful and to give back.

Academically, I really like it. The way of teaching is different from what other schools have to offer. We have labs for every subject. The science and math labs are well equipped and are used to enhance the learning process in students. This also helps students who aren’t able to grasp everything only by reading textbooks. The English Lab also is really helpful. This ensures that the visual, kinaesthetic and auditory learners comprehend everything properly.

The school has grown tremendously in these years. We are provided with all the facilities that one needs, to flourish.

The school has given me a lot and supported me through my crucial years. I will never forget the memories I made with my peers and friends. What I have learnt during my time at school is insurmountable and I will forever be in debt to all my teachers, didi’s and bhaiya’s who have stuck with me through my journey of learning.

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