The Kalyani School

The Kalyani school

The Kalyani School has been established with the view that education is the soul of the society. It is the kindling of an eternal flame that represents the light of spirit, knowledge and victory.

Promoted by the Kalyani Group under the aegis of the Akutai Kalyani Charitable Trust, The Kalyani School believes in guiding the mind, body and spirit of the young generation, helping them discover and realize their full potential as individuals and moulding them to be responsible citizens of society. We provide our children with a harmonious, stimulating learning environment; encouraging them to think independently, to respect themselves and others and to value excellence.

We are a co-ed, CBSE school located in Manjri, Pune, Maharashtra, on a sprawling nine acre campus. We have been operational from the academic year 2015- 16, currently with classes from Jr. K.G. to Grade XII.  We provide holistic education to our students and enable them to achieve their potential and attain excellence.

School Logo

The Kalyani School symbolises leadership. The school stands out for the high quality of education it imparts and the curriculum and methodologies, that are designed to create future leaders.

Since time immemorial, the torch has been a symbol of leadership. The one who held the torch led the way through the unknown, as a guide and leader. It was used by explorers and hunters alike. From the Olympics to the modern usage of the phrase ‘torch-bearer’, history bears witness that till date we have not forgotten to revere the torch. It remains through aeons, the symbol of two important characteristics of humanity – the undying quest for eternal knowledge and the courage to venture out to higher paths of understanding and enlightenment.

The representation of ‘ The Kalyani School ‘ as the torch- bearers of modern education is visualized in the logo.

Tagline Philosophy

The tagline ‘Akshayam Dnyanam’ represents  the quest for eternal knowledge that has been a hallmark of the brightest of humanity. This is embodied by the torch and synergises the logo and tagline. The tagline also epitomizes the quality of learning imparted by The Kalyani School, that will stay with the child eternally.  Sanskrit is the chosen language for the tagline as it is more than just a language; it is a symbol of knowledge, education, and enlightenment.

Mission, Vision & Core Values

To become a beacon of excellence in the teaching-learning process by offering an environment built on ethics and values. Providing vast, well equipped learning spaces and resources to optimise each student’s potential. Continuously evolving to manage change.

To provide a harmonious, stimulating environment which inspires all to strive for excellence and emerge as responsible future ready citizens.

The values we wish to inculcate

INDIVIDUALITY – Develop a unique thought process and respect for oneself

SINCERITY – Inculcate an honest approach towards life

DIGNITY – Dignity of labour and commitment towards work

EQUITY – Being fair and impartial to everyone

EMPATHY – Be considerate towards others

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