IC3 Pune 2020



The Kalyani School is proud to have hosted the Pune leg of 2020, IC3 Regional Forum, which was held on 10th February 2020. The objective of this event was to share knowledge with educators and make them aware of the college opportunities and career possibilities available for their students. The principals and teachers from various schools across Maharashtra received expert opinions from industry leaders, career counsellors and other experts. This provided them with the knowledge and resources needed to make informed decisions related to starting career cells in their schools.

Even today, as we enter a new decade, most schools are still focused on academic areas like Mathematics, Sciences, Languages, etc, without understanding the importance of maintaining a balance between the education of these subjects and overall development. The need for career and college counselling cannot be stressed upon enough, as it gives the students guidance for the next stage of their lives. By welcoming the IC3 movement in our school, we aim to make our students aware of their options and help them with making the best career decisions.

With 18 key speakers and professionals coming from reputed universities, colleges and organizations from all over the world, including our Director, Mrs Deeksha Kalyani and Principal, Mrs Nirmal Waddan, the entire event was a raging success. The event featured 4 interactive sessions, along with planned networking activities that doubled as refreshments and lunch breaks. Between the sessions, the students and parents attended the university fair to get an understanding of their options as they got a chance to interact with university delegates. Kickstarting with the inauguration and welcoming the guests, the students and parents were given a brief by the Director of the IC3 Institute, Neha Bahl, about what the event comprises of. Dr Dishan Kamdar, Vice-Chancellor of FLAME University then delivered the opening keynote. The sessions covered in this event included:

Session 1:

 Interdisciplinary Research and Education: Needs of the Past, Present and Future

Session 2:

 The Career Counseling Cell – Every School’s Essential Need

Session 3:

 Principal’s Panel – Helping Students Find a Purpose – Career and College Counseling as a Key to Wellbeing

Session 4:

University Panel – Navigating the Maze of National and International Higher Education Options

We feel privileged to have hosted the IC3 Regional Forum in our school. We strongly support the ideology of the IC3 Movement and commend its contributions to providing guidance to young minds who will determine the fate of our entire country and potentially the world.

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