20th October 2020


- Vibha MK, 11th Grade

Oh Time that’s gone by, Would you return for me? Oh! Those golden days, Wouldn't you come back once again? We forever wait for you... Remember the days when we played 'round, The tree that…

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25th September 2020

A Distracted Mind in Class

- Ayaan Shaikh, 8th Grade

I sat in front of the teacher while she was talking, But out of the window, was where I was wandering. The train whistles were blowing, And all the equations and formulas were flowing.  I…

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6th September 2020

Generation Why

- Tanupriya Mudaliar, 12th Grade

One glance at the internet of today, ever so alive due to the entire world having been confined in their homes for months on end, and the generation distinction becomes clear as day. There are…

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