Environment & Community Outreach

“The spirit of service is the heart of humanity.”– Lailah Gifty Akita
All students of Grades VI to IX do 12 hours of Community Service for a cause that they choose, and they are required to put in consistent effort. The school helps them coordinate with the institutes they want to volunteer for, and involve the parents in supervision of the same.

1. Hadapsar Karuna Badhir Vidhyalay, Hadapsar Pune:

As a part of the program, the Grade VI students worked with Hadapsar Karuna Badhir VidhyalayThis non-profit organisation caters to the academic and socio-economic needs of students with hearing and speech impairment. 

The students of The Kalyani School conducted a Computer Literacy Workshop for the students. They taught the students to use Google Search , use MS Paint, MS Word effectively and gave an introduction to MS Excel for their day-to-day needs.

They also Painted the boundary wall of the school and planted a number of pots to improve the environment of the school campus.


2. Making students aware of social-cultural realities:


3. Opportunities for budding Social workers to inculcate volunteering and leadership qualities in them:

As community service is an integral part of our curriculum, we facilitate opportunities within the school, for our students to satisfy their zeal to do something for the community in general, and the society at large.


4. Measures taken by school to ensure sustainability of each project year on year:

We are extremely conscious of our responsibilities towards our surroundings. This has led us into initiating and sustaining environment or eco-friendly projects and products, as an institution as well as inculcating the same values in our students. Some of our projects aligning with the same are as follows:

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