The Kalyani School Logo

The Kalyani School stands for leadership on two counts. The school stands out from the competition by the level of high quality education it imparts, and its curriculum and methodologies are designed so as to foster future leaders, in each and every student.

The torch has been a symbol of leadership since time immemorial. In its most basic application, it was used by groups of explorers or hunters. The one who held the torch led the way through the unknown, as a guide and leader. If the torch bearer was a solitary figure, his hopes of success would be ‘blown out’ if his torch was to be extinguished, thus rendering this tool a role of highest importance.

As history has moved on to the current day, we have not forgotten to revere the torch, from the Olympics to the modern usage of the phrase ‘torch-bearer’. It remains the symbol of two important characteristics of humanity – the undying quest for eternal knowledge, and the courage to be bold enough to apply said knowledge; to venture out to higher paths of understanding and enlightenment.

The representation of ‘The Kalyani School’ as the torch-bearers of modern education is visualized in the logo. It’s shape is unmistakable and the flame at the top makes the design even simpler to understand.

Tagline Philosophy

The tagline ‘Akshayam Dnyanam’ represents the undying quest for knowledge that has been a hallmark of the brightest of humanity. This is embodied by the torch and gives the logo and tagline synergy. The tagline also stands for the quality of education taught by The Kalyani School, in the sense that the learning one takes from the school will remain with them for a lifetime, i.e. eternally.

Sanskrit is the chosen language for the tagline as it is more than just a language; it is a symbol of knowledge, education and enlightenment.